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The Sarasota Teachers

     At Sarasota Guitar Lessons, you will find a group of Professional Teachers who can Effectively Communicate the Art of Playing Guitar. As a Student, you will discover our passion and knowledge for not only playing the guitar, but our enthusiasm for teaching it as well. 

When you find the teacher you like, OR need help finding the right teacher, email us at, or Call 941 312 1265. 

Sean D. One of the Stars of Sarasota Guitar LessonsSean D. (Beginner, Rock, Blues, Electric and Acoustic)
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Sean's Video
Sean is a man on a Journey.... a Journey of rock guitar
Playing guitar for over 10 years, Sean has been teaching in the area ever since he arrived in Sarasota almost two years ago. His  passion and enthusiasm for beginner guitar lessons are contagious and entertaining. His ability to communicate the fundamentals through song and theory makes him a strong and passionate teacher.  Being in the recording business, Sean is a fanatic about tone and technique. If you are looking to rock and have a great time taking guitar lessons in Sarasota, then sign up with Sean and start you journey today!
If you want to see Sean's sense of humor and his enthusiastic approach, then watch this amazing documentary/bio....Enjoy

Jon M. (Classical, Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco) 

Jon has been playing guitar for 2 decades and is one of the most passionate, understanding, and talented classical and right hand picking teachers in Sarasota. He has studied many different styles in the United States and Prague. If you are looking to develop your right hand guitar playing (Classical, Gypsy Jazz, Flamenco, James Taylor type acoustic  picking) then Jon is your guy. His specialty is his laid back approach and ability to make what seems impossible... possible. He looks forward to working with you.

Ian S. Founder of Sarasota Guitar LessonsIan S.

Founder of Sarasota Guitar Lessons, Ian has been playing guitar for nearly 20 years and is passionate and enthusiastic about everything guitar. He wants to (and does) work with the finest and most  enjoyable guitar teachers in the area. He specializes in rock, blues, country, strum along players and loves teaching the art and theory behind Improvisation.  He loves bringing his good attitude to each lesson. He has been working hard on new Seminars and E-Books to keep everyone involved with guitar motivated and practicing. He is also responsible for pairing up the right student with the right teacher to achieve the best communication and progress for each guitarist.